Foot Reflexology with the Tennent Technique

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Foot Reflexology with the Tennent Technique

Foot Reflexology Tennent Technique addresses all the systems of the body by employing a unique sequence of pressure applications to the hand and foot reflexology pressure points. The sequence of a reflexology treatment by JoAnn is designed to follow the natural pathways that the body utilizes when flushing toxins in order to heal naturally.

JoAnn's Technique of Foot Reflexology begins with the reflex pressure points that refer directly to the spine-the taproot- where nerves connect to muscles, organs and glands. Then systematic pressure is applied to the reflexology pressure points that correspond to the anatomy in the head-moving and clearing energy channels the sense organs in the specific direction that they drain.

The reflexology treatment proceeds to the endocrine system, using gravity, with the intent of draining for the purposes of detoxification. Attention is then given to the reflexology pressure points of the reproductive system.

Foot Reflexology Tennent Technique addresses the lymphatic system in minute detail, using three separate and different sequences. The reflexology treatment proceeds through the pressure points for the respiratory system and the circulatory system, with special consideration to the body's natural filters-the liver, spleen, and pancreas-then the digestive system.

The result is a naturally sequenced and flowing reflexology treatment for the entire mind, body and soul. Energetically speaking, reflexology unlocks the electrical currents of the body helping flush toxins that are buried in the tissues. Reflexology helps to uncover the root cause or seed of an imbalance. Sometimes the underlying cause may be deeply buried as with an unconscious emotion or trauma. Foot reflexology treatments may stimulate healing by allowing such underlying causes to surface into self-awareness.