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"I love JoAnn, she an amazing reflexologist. She has helped me with thyroid problems, lower back pain and easing asthma. She always takes the time to show the points on my hands so I can continue to work on myself. JoAnn is kind, compassionate, extremely skilled and an incredibly gifted healer. I highly recommend JoAnn!"
-Kayla Garnet Rose, Ph.D.Tools for Transformation

"As a 29 year old woman, I have battled a genetic liver illness since I was nine month old. To this very day, my doctors do not have a confirmed diagnosis and there is no cure. To say that I am a medical mystery is an understatement. I have no words for the level of pain and agony that I endure during a relapse, which is characterized by severe jaundice and itching and debilitating fatigue. My mother has been a pioneer in helping me to find relief for my symptoms and overall illness. We have seen countless medical doctors and homeopaths and nothing seemed to work. But, my mother’s persistence paid off and she finally found my cure.

That cure is JoAnn Tennent and her method of foot reflexology, the Tennent Technique. Everyone should add the Tennent Technique to their lives on a consistent basis as it provides a boost to all organ systems in the body. This practice is THE missing link between traditional Western medicine and those that follow a mind-body connection practice. JoAnn has keen insight into the natural flow of the body and can precisely locate weak points. She integrates all of this information and customizes the reflexology session to your specific needs. In my case, she was able to relieve the blockage of bile that was causing the jaundice, thereby reestablishing the natural flow of my digestive system. The results of two weeks of daily foot reflexology sessions were very positive: a decrease in ALL of my elevated liver enzymes and increased appetite and energy levels.

 If you have a liver or digestive problem, I highly recommend JoAnn. She has been instrumental in helping me get my health back, and I know that because she has saved me from impending death on more than one occasion. I owe my life to my mother and JoAnn Tennent. Much Love and Gratitude!"

“JoAnn Tennent has worked on my pancreatic cancer for two months now. She reduces the pain effectively so that I look forward to each treatment. I especially appreciate her sensitivity. After each treatment I feel relaxed and energized at the same time.”

“As a result of a stroke, I was paralyzed on my left side. One aspect of my disability was being unable to lift my left toes and the front part of my foot, so that I could not walk. I can now move this foot, and I am no longer wheelchair bound.”

“I have been diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s cancer. Chemotherapy and drug treatments caused me to lose circulation in my feet. JoAnn has helped my body regain this. She has the ability to feel and sense anatomical changes in the body ... giving insight into tumors, cysts and other physical changes.”

“My left thumb was painful. JoAnn went to the corresponding pressure point on the foot and found it was painful when pressed. My foot was hurting in the same place as my hand but I hadn’t had an injury or stepped on a rock. She knew that I had recently consumed too much sugar because the pressure point represented the insulin side of my pancreas.”

“I damaged the arches of both feet after hiking in flip-flops. I could hardly walk afterwards because the foot pain was so great. The podiatrist couldn’t help me. As a last resort I tried reflexology. One reflexology treatment removed the foot pain, and subsequent sessions later helped with the pain of my scoliosis.”

“My daughter was born with a congenital condition that blocked the bile duct of her liver. She was severely jaundiced for 21 years. During her first reflexology treatment with JoAnn, the whites of my daughter’s eyes suddenly cleared for the first time in her life. Now my daughter has decided to study reflexology.”

“Regular reflexology treatments with JoAnn Tennent, has helped with my hormonal imbalance due to menopause. My life has become much more calm and tolerable.”

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