My Path to Health Through Reflexology

IN 1984 I BADLY INJURED MY BACK. For the next three years I tried to rehabilitate and manage the pain in my back with many types of therapy. I finally made the decision to have back surgery.

The nerve damage from the ruptured disc had spread down my leg and I had a case of drop foot. For the two years following surgery I was labeled 50 percent permanently disabled and I was still walking with a cane. I felt like I had tried everything when a massage therapist referred me to a European foot reflexologist, Ulla Meyherhof.

After the first session I had regained about 60 percent of the feeling in my calf. I walked out of that session without the use of my cane. After about five months of regular reflexology sessions, the pain in my back diminished completely.

Through the course of my foot reflexology treatments, my chronic digestive problems were addressed and my glaucoma was stabilized. Foot reflexology treatments administered by Ulla were also enormously helpful in my mother’s dying process.

The other part of my story is really a miracle that I attribute to the benefits of reflexology. Doctors told me throughout my life that I would never conceive a child. I had been plagued with endometriosis, the root of my back problems. After my back got better, I got pregnant with the son I was told I would never have. He gives me great joy and constantly reminds me of the powerful healing effect of reflexology on mind, body and soul.

— JoAnn Tennent

World Peace, Blessings and Many Thanks

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