Natural Foot Care and Diabetic Foot Care

Foot reflexology is a natural way to care for your feet, as well as your whole body. If you are experiencing symptoms such as foot pain, numbness, swelling, bunions, fungus etc. it is best to treat the entire system, along with the feet, with reflexology.
Someone experiencing foot pain may look at a foot reflexology chart to locate the specific foot pressure points (or the acupressure points) that relate certain conditions. Receiving a foot reflexology session may confirm and provide additional information based on the relative sensation of the pressure points. A Certified Reflexologist may also offer instruction for self-treatment.

Regular application of pressure on the reflex-zones and pressure points of the hands and feet could become part of a natural foot care regime. Regular foot reflexology treatments assist with health maintenance as well as when there is illness, imbalance or foot pain.

Numbness (neuropathy), foot pain, foot swelling or foot fungus could be an expression of imbalance on any of level — physical and emotional. For example: fungal growth could be related to an immune deficiency based on physical exposure or emotional stress. Foot Reflexology helps to discourage fungal growth by stimulating the immune system and changing the environmental climate of the feet.
Foot Reflexology can be very beneficial for people with Diabetes. With numbness feet can be easily injured without awareness of foot pain. When the feet go numb, Foot Reflexology helps bring the feeling and circulation back.

Foot Reflexology is not a cure, but including regular foot reflexology treatments into diabetic foot care can help to stabilize the symptoms.

The sole of each foot and the palm of each hand, contain a reflexology map of the whole anatomy. Applying direct pressure to these specific points, may help the body heal itself by stimulating circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage, assisting the elimination of toxins trapped in the tissues, and by bringing awareness to buried emotional stressors.

The basic technique involves the use of the thumb and fingers to apply pressure to all of the reflexology pressure points. Reflexology treats the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances corresponding to all aspects of the human life.

People recovering from surgeries; receiving cancer treatments or recovering from cancer; experiencing hormonal changes; or anyone with foot pain could benefit from Hand and Foot Reflexology. People interested in Foot Reflexology just to increase the circulation of their feet will be surprised by the effects of just one reflexology treatment on their wellbeing. (See History and Benefits of Reflexology)

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