Foot Massage and Foot Reflexology

When foot pain, soreness, or numbness are present, a general foot massage feels relaxing and stimulates the circulation of the feet. However, even a good foot massage is not as direct or effective as a foot reflexology treatment.
Your footprints and your handprints are your own unique identification. In hand and foot reflexology, the reflexology pressure points on your feet and hands represent your individual anatomy.

Life sustaining energy courses throughout our bodies as electrical current, traveling along zones and meridians that end at pressure points in the feet and hands. The application of direct pressure to the reflex-zones or pressure points in the hands or feet, promotes a healing response (or reflex) in the corresponding anatomy.

A reflexology treatment is a systematic application of direct pressure on specific reflexology pressure points. Every part of the anatomy is connected to the foot and is represented by a reflex-zone located on a specific part of the foot. By accurately applying pressure to these specific areas, the relevant part of the foot and/or body is contacted.

Foot reflexology increases the circulation of the feet as well as the entire body. Foot reflexology is more medicinal than the general surface rubbing of a regular foot massage. However, foot reflexology is done without oils or lotions, therefore an oil foot massage can be very beneficial for the skin and for relaxation.

Foot Massage Machines provide stimulation to increases circulation and relax the feet. However, a foot reflexology treatment is more direct and specific than using a foot massage machine.

With a machine it is difficult to reach all the surface area of the feet and to control the effect on the reflexology pressure points. There is also the possibility of over-or under-stimulating the reflexology pressure points when using a foot massage machine.

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