Certification Workshop February 2019

Foot and Hand Reflexology: The Tennent Technique Certification Workshop

February 10, February Friday, the 22nd, Saturday the 23rd, and Sunday the 24th 2019

To qualify for this 4-class workshops you must have ALREADY taken the INTRO to Reflexology course, both available on Sunday, February 10th (details below). 


JoAnn Tennent is available to teach Foot and Hand Reflexology Certification Courses.  While giving students the opportunity to help themselves relieve pain and assist their loved ones to effectively reduce stress and maintain overall health through self treatment. Also get a better understanding of the history, science and the art of Reflexology!   

*Introduction to Foot & Hand Reflexology course: The art, science and history of reflexology, with hands-on training of the spine-skeletal system. Gain basic knowledge in this course, with JoAnn Tennent, CMP, CR. This course teaches the foundations of reflexology, using hands-on techniques on the feet and hands, and an in-depth lecture. Enrollment for Intro course available for course UCSC ($45) February 10th course  *You must be signed up for this course, or have taken this course in order to qualify for the workshop described below.

Certification Course in Reflexology; a total of 20-hours training for certification
Total cost: $1,100.00
Workshop details: 

*Certification Class Two: Review class one (Intro), with hands-on training of the organs and of the head. Friday, February 22nd, 7-10 pm

*Certification Class Three: Review of classes one and two, with hands-on training of the endocrine system (hormonal balancing and lymphatic drainage). Saturday February 23rd, @10am - 4:30pm.

*Certification Class Fourth: Review of earlier classes, with hands-on training of the respiratory system, filters (heart, liver, spleen), digestive system, and urinary system (kidney, bladder). Sunday, February 24th, @ 10am - 4:30pm.

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World Peace, Blessings and Many Thanks!