How does reflexlogy work?

The systematic application of pressure to the reflexology points stimulates the body’s ability to rejuvenate and heal itself. Hand and Foot Reflexology treatments open the subtle electrical channels that become blocked due to emotional and physical imbalances.

Foot pain, foot tenderness or foot numbness indicates what system of the body may have become imbalanced. Reflexology addresses these imbalances and brings the root of the imbalance into awareness.

Creating a physiological change in the body improving circulation and thereby reducing stress, reflexology aids in the elimination of body waste and restores body function to improve health.
Working on a cellular level to rebalance the body, nourish the cells with nutrients, alter the cellular memory of emotions, and change the electrical vibration in a way that allows the body to process food efficiently and detoxify naturally.

Reflexology is safe for expectant mothers with caution to avoid the direct pressure point for the uterus, unless inducing labor is the intent. Reflexology can be helpful for unblocking the milk ducts of the breast and is effective for hormonal balance after birth and menopause. Reflexology safely benefits people of all ages, including small children and the elderly.

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