Aug 6, 2014

How Reflexology Works

How Reflexology Works

When we are born, our foot and hand prints are used for identification on our birth certificate. Our feet and hands represent the whole body; not only do they support but also balance us. Foot and Hand Reflexology is a system that addresses an individuals whole body. I practiced European Reflexology that is specifically detailed with the human anatomy. In atypical one hour session I address the whole anatomy: skeletal structure, the brain, hormonal, lymphatic, muscular, digestive, and nervous systems and all glands and organs. By addressing the whole body, you can get to the root of the problem. In my personal experience of receiving Reflexology, the root of my ruptured disc was endometriosis. After my reproductive problem was addressed, my back healed itself.

The reflex-zones show pain when there is strain, weakness, damage or disease or blockage in a corresponding body part. The application of pressure to that reflex-zone in either the foot or the hand provokes a healing response in the body. As the pain in the reflex-zone diminishes, the affected point of the body begins to function better.

I believe in the body's ability to heal itself. As a Certified Reflexologist and Massage Practitioner, I help facilitate your healing energy. It is my passion in life to make people aware of the benefits of Reflexology. I have been humbled by my own pain and would like to assist others in overcoming their pain. So put your best foot forward and take a look at your feet and hands. Know there is a story there, waiting to unfold.

World Peace and Many Thanks!

Jul 9, 2014

Foot Reflexology with the Tennent Technique

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Foot Reflexology with the Tennent Technique

Foot Reflexology Tennent Technique addresses all the systems of the body by employing a unique sequence of pressure applications to the hand and foot reflexology pressure points. The sequence of a reflexology treatment by JoAnn is designed to follow the natural pathways that the body utilizes when flushing toxins in order to heal naturally.

JoAnn's Technique of Foot Reflexology begins with the reflex pressure points that refer directly to the spine-the taproot- where nerves connect to muscles, organs and glands. Then systematic pressure is applied to the reflexology pressure points that correspond to the anatomy in the head-moving and clearing energy channels the sense organs in the specific direction that they drain.

The reflexology treatment proceeds to the endocrine system, using gravity, with the intent of draining for the purposes of detoxification. Attention is then given to the reflexology pressure points of the reproductive system.

Foot Reflexology Tennent Technique addresses the lymphatic system in minute detail, using three separate and different sequences. The reflexology treatment proceeds through the pressure points for the respiratory system and the circulatory system, with special consideration to the body's natural filters-the liver, spleen, and pancreas-then the digestive system.

The result is a naturally sequenced and flowing reflexology treatment for the entire mind, body and soul. Energetically speaking, reflexology unlocks the electrical currents of the body helping flush toxins that are buried in the tissues. Reflexology helps to uncover the root cause or seed of an imbalance. Sometimes the underlying cause may be deeply buried as with an unconscious emotion or trauma. Foot reflexology treatments may stimulate healing by allowing such underlying causes to surface into self-awareness.

Jun 4, 2014

Refexology Testimonial

Reflexology Testimonial

"I first started working with JoAnn several years ago for some digestive issues I was having. She was most helpful. When I received my diagnosis of Stage III breast cancer in August of last year, I knew immediately that I was see JoAnn for reflexology. The treatment she gives me weekly supports my body as it is going through chemotherapy treatment, helping me stay strong and balanced in spite of the drug treatment. I believe I am managing the minimal side effects in large part because of this adjunctive treatment.

In addition to her skill as a Reflexologist, JoAnn has a huge heart and a warm, caring presence. I can't think of any one more suited to working with children than her. She meets each person where they are and helps them find their own way to healing."

-CW, Santa Cruz

May 8, 2014

Reflexology Limerick

Reflexology Limerick

A great gal who works on my feet
Has a gift with which none can compete:
     Her touch is so knowing
     Her movements so flowing
That she leaves me relaxed and complete.

Dec 11, 2013

Foot reflexology and Diabetes

 Foot Reflexology can be very beneficial for people with Diabetes. With numbness feet can be easily injured without awareness of foot pain. When the feet go numb, Foot Reflexology helps bring the feeling and circulation back.

Foot Reflexology is not a cure, but including regular foot reflexology treatments into diabetic foot care can help to stabilize the symptoms.

The sole of each foot and the palm of each hand, contain a reflexology map of the whole anatomy. Applying direct pressure to these specific points, may help the body heal itself by stimulating circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage, assisting the elimination of toxins trapped in the tissues, and by bringing awareness to buried emotional stressors.

The basic technique involves the use of the thumb and fingers to apply pressure to all of the reflexology pressure points. Reflexology treats the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances corresponding to all aspects of the human life.

World Peace, Blessings and Many Thanks!

Nov 11, 2013

What is the Differnce Between a Foot Massage and Foot Reflexology?

When foot pain, soreness, or numbness are present, a general foot massage feels relaxing and stimulates the circulation of the feet. However, even a good foot massage is not as direct or effective as a foot reflexology treatment.

Your footprints and your handprints are your own unique identification. In hand and foot reflexology, the reflexology pressure points on your feet and hands represent your individual anatomy.

Life sustaining energy courses throughout our bodies as electrical current, traveling along zones and meridians that end at pressure points in the feet and hands. The application of direct pressure to the reflex-zones or pressure points in the hands or feet, promotes a healing response (or reflex) in the corresponding anatomy.

A reflexology treatment is a systematic application of direct pressure on specific reflexology pressure points. Every part of the anatomy is connected to the foot and is represented by a reflex-zone located on a specific part of the foot. By accurately applying pressure to these specific areas, the relevant part of the foot and/or body is contacted.

Foot reflexology increases the circulation of the feet as well as the entire body. Foot reflexology is more medicinal than the general surface rubbing of a regular foot massage. However, foot reflexology is done without oils or lotions, therefore an oil foot massage can be very beneficial for the skin and for relaxation.

World Peace, Blessings and Many Thanks!